Web design tailored to your needs with a personal touch

Personalised web design with you at its heart

Are you looking for a service which will take your website to the next level while being tailored to your business’ individual needs? Through close cooperation with a heavy emphasis on your needs I will create the optimal, personalised online home for your business. Keeping hard work and a personal touch as the focus of my work, I will create a web solution which will make you stand out. Finding the ideal balance between design, concept, and development the perfect results will be crafted for you. Successfully representing your business online and letting your website generate success for you. I will find a web solution for you that is custom made and tailored to your needs and wishes.

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I create solutions which are outstanding and tailor-made for your business’ needs and wishes. I implement these through modern design and customer-friendly usability. The design will have a modern touch to compete in the current market. I can build your website in German and English if desired.


Are you seeking extensive, professional support in the areas of websites, SEO, and social media? I can consult with you and your business in these matters. I would be delighted to guide you through these topics and find answers to your questions.


I can support you with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. I can show you all your possibilities and potential through the use of social media to bring you even closer to your customers.


Do you want to make your website stand out visually through creative videography or do you have a special moment you want to be documented? I can provide the right tools to make your video project successful, whether its promotional videos or documentation of important milestones.


1. Planning

Together we will discuss your project and consider your individual needs precisely. This close cooperation will allow me to create a convincing concept tailored to your needs. During the planning stage, important questions will be discussed and solved: What do you hope to get from this project? What possibilities are there to choose from? What costs will be incurred by the different options?

2. Design

Based on our discussions, I will build the first draft of your project. During this process, a heavy focus is put on creating an appealing design with an easy-to-use interface. These drafts will then be presented to gain a deeper understanding of what your preferences are.

3. Development

After the selection of a concept the development phase starts. The draft will be developed, and the content added. The page will be designed, and the layouts integrated. All the details will be updated, and all needed information added. During the development, you will constantly be informed about the progress that is being made.

4. Testing

After the completion of the website, the end product will enter the testing phase. All current web browsers are used to review the website and its functions. You will also receive access to the new site and you can give feedback on the final stages of the project. Any found issues will be troubleshot and necessary changes implemented.

5. Launch

After the completion of the testing phase and last adjustments, the final website will be launched. In addition, I provide the option to handle your hosting, the registration of the domain and its upkeep. Further, I offer to regularly update your new website and add new elements when needed as well as editing existing elements over time.

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Request a non-binding and free quotation about different project types. I will get back to you as soon as possible with an offer.